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[announcment] Moving back to pre-600 builds

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  user 933656.png  fred  28/Nov/17 15:29:21

Probable switch to Chrome and 6xx build in near future to overcome

any issues with Flickr.

  user img-045.png  saleen support  28/Nov/17 15:05:46

544 is using old Internet Explorer.
Flickr may decide to stop supporting it.

629 seems to be good enough for me.
There seems to be an issue with what you see on a group and what the program downloads.
Also an issue with "restricted" content.

I am working an a new update in order to address both issues.

  user 933656.png  fred  28/Nov/17 15:02:29

How stable is 629 and will you be still updating 544 in the short term with any relevant


  user 933652.png  Fred  28/Nov/17 14:58:50

I am aware of this route which is open to Dec 31 2017 but not sure if the issues I

had last time will re-appear (mainly unavailable Win 10 drivers for my Lenovo, and

still only Win 8.1 versions on Lenovo site). It left me with a frozen almost bricked laptop.

Lenovo website does not recommend an upgrade even now so doubt if in mind

set to upgrade .... better the devil you know (Laptop 5 yrs old)...but thanks for the thought.

Regards Fred

  user img-045.png  saleen support  28/Nov/17 08:11:19

Hi Fred
check this out

  user 917796.png  fred  13/Nov/17 11:31:57

not now it isn't, and when it was crashed my pc

  user img-045.png  saleen support  13/Nov/17 10:03:20

>>"Noticed 540 has message
Was fixed a few days ago

May I ask why you are still on Windows 8.1 (given that upgrade is free)?

  user 908557.png  Fred  05/Nov/17 11:59:03

Noticed 540 has message to please upgrade to 600 which currently a bit of a catch 22.

  user 908527.png  fred  05/Nov/17 11:31:18

And you can't upgrade IE 11 in Windows 8.1 as no upgrade available,

  user 908474.png  fred  05/Nov/17 11:07:30

Get same message too. Lots of programs not keen on IE11 (as per Windows 8.1)


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