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Updated to latest version and problems started

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    fred  15/Oct/17 19:36:33

Noticed some missing pages but only on some sets.

Just ordinary content so not related to 'adult' content as previously mentioned.

Also some images taken do not show up (blank icons) that view

perfectly OK when downloaded and viewed with various image viewers so unlikely to

be a corrupt image file.

Example image IMG.354.JPG viewable, but IMG.355.JPG (taken seconds later

of same scene show up as blank item)? Strange??

Only recently noticed these issues but unable to establish which recent version threw

up the above.

    Jerry  15/Oct/17 18:49:21

Just checked from my old laptop that had a previous version of Webdownloader x64
again, no adult content on the pop up window
users with 20 pages shown on the programs browser, show 1 or 2 pages on the pop up window  :-(

    oakleyboy  07/Oct/17 08:55:09

I have exactly the same problem!

    Jerry  06/Oct/17 08:01:22

Hi, just updated to the latest version, only to find out that
it very rarely pops up the download window to select files and when it doesnt show adult content !! 
So i looked in the settings to see if it was somehow deactivated and switched to use Internet Explorer. 
Now the program wont start at all :-(

How can i download the previous versions please ?


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