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Flickr now Verizon (Oath)?

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  user img-045.png  saleen support  02/Sep/17 04:54:07

1. Will keep an eye on the Oath matter.

2. You are now able to register an account so that you can login and e.g. upload your avatar or edit your past messages.

  user 850414.png  fred  01/Sep/17 14:10:42

Lets hope they don't mess it up anymore than Yahoo did/didn't.

Lets hope any future changes don't give you a hard time with Webdownloader.

Only time will tell. Crap name  (Oath) by the way.

Mind you Flickr stood still for far too long with no noticeable progress.

Whats the new 'icons' (as per 'Author' box) all about apart from being pretty?

Regards Fred


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