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Service status query

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    saleen support  15/Sep/17 19:20:30

all flickr items (qa test cases) are now fixed

    fred  04/Apr/17 06:11:57

bumped back up

    fred  10/Feb/17 19:59:09

The ongoing list of red 'down' comments gives the wrong impression to the

casual observer that program doesn't work very well and is never fixed.

Surely that is not what is intended and what does 'down' really mean?

    fred  26/Jan/17 00:21:39

Never took must notice of your 'Service Status' results as never

had need to but why is it there are say Flickr items recorded as 'down'

when I notice no problem (e.g currently Flickr Groups 'down')

It seems whatever you do 'parser' wise the number of 'down' items

changes but never reduces significantly.

Sorry if my level of understanding is inadequate.

I previously assumed fixing 'parser' gets rid of all 'down' issues if only

for a short time. Obviously not that simple.


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