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600 build issue?

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  user img-045.png  saleen support  06/Jan/17 12:03:36

Thanks a lot for the feedback!
Will review and fix the issues

  user 743652.png  fred  05/Jan/17 17:14:25

Further update to previous post.

The 'Un-install' process is not clearing up and leaving files in place in various folders

and Windows 'Desktop' and 'Start menu' Icons /Tiles remain in place.

Wasn't a very good (complete) process previously but this version very poor.

Hope this of use.

Regards Fred

  user 743649.png  fred  05/Jan/17 16:43:31

Managed to load it ('600' build) by uninstalling 528 etc and after a few tries...(quite a few pauses

during install with not much going on).


When program opened got a 'Note'/Message at bottom of interface frame in 'grey area' that looked as if it should not be visible......namely .......

New Key=.....WebBrowserCx X86 105 date......

also 'Wrong url context' in Message box.

That's not the full code that was shown but enough of it for you to make sense of it?

(..........'s account for some of the bits I have omitted above).

Hope this helps. I understand it's a pre-release version which probably explains the above.

Regards Fred


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