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Using other than IE as the browser.

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  user 777688.png  Barnypok  02/Apr/17 07:40:44

  user img-045.png  saleen support  02/Jan/16 21:11:18

Great. Thanks for letting me know.

  user 604697.png  Tim  01/Jan/16 05:27:44

Yes, that worked. I didn't even know that I had it on. Strange though that it just started going screwy. Even funnier is IE installs with compatibility mode enabled. I had reinstalled windows 7 on the other laptop before the hard drive crashed and was having the same trouble with both IE and Webdownloader on the fresh install.

  user img-045.png  saleen support  31/Dec/15 23:56:20

Hi Fred and happy new year to you and your family.

I will check the naming issue.

  user img-045.png  saleen support  31/Dec/15 23:55:24

Hi Tim and happy new year.

The screenshots help a lot.

It seems you have compatibility mode enabled.

1. Open internet explorer.

2. Open a flickr link that shows the upgrade message.

3. Press the Alt key and release it.

4. Go to Tools and you should see the Compatibility View option checked.

5. Uncheck it and all should be OK

  user 604697.png  Tim  31/Dec/15 21:35:08

The first one is what I see in Webdownloader, the second is what I see running IE.

  user 628343.png  fred  24/Dec/15 11:22:58

Tried to download about 10 images from an album which exhibited the problem
Originally named as IMG_3398_2, IMG_4000, IMG_4001 for example...
They ended up saved as.....
IMG_3398_2_00001, IMG_3398_2_00002, IMG_3398_2_00003 .............
Seem like it's holding on to the first image name for all the subsequent images
and adding on a strange sequential sequence to the file name.

They all show up in 'Download Multiple Media' window as these stange names if you look at their
'file properties' even when the images themselves show no name in the Download Multiple Media
window itself

Looks like something has changed at Flickr that Webdownloader now can't cope with.

Can't get my head round the fact you appear to not be able to replicate/pick up
the issue when we the 'users' at this end have this problem. Has also happened on other

So what is different at your end that is not the same as 'Users' environment that causes
this to happen. Maybe why we pick up issues that you don't if it can be accounted for.

Hope this helps

  user 628343.png  fred  24/Dec/15 11:02:04

It is an error in the 'Download Multiple media items' window (images corrupt, blank with no
name and images ok but not named). This Iis with Windows 8 64bit, IE10 (You can't upgrade to IE11).
and get same issue with Chrome v47.

Flickr itself is OK and works fine. Tried another program to download the pictures
involved with the problem in Webdownloader and they download OK.

  user img-045.png  saleen support  24/Dec/15 09:28:11

Hi Tim.
I tried with windows 8 and it seems to be working from here.
Is it possible to send me a screenshot to see what is the issue?
Is it an error from 

  user 604697.png  Tim  24/Dec/15 02:42:12

Yes, I'm using Firefox 43.0.2. Flicker displays photostreams, groups, and albums correctly.

I use Firefox as my normal browser, with IE being installed only because Webdownloader needs is to display Flickr correctly.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Merry Yule to all here.


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