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Download multiple images issue

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  777693.png Barnypok  02/Apr/17 07:40:50
  img-045.png saleen support  06/Aug/12 11:55:26
the program can only display as many preview images as the current flickr page, you are browsing, offers.

For example, if you go to this page you, the program will offer to download a bigger number of images.

  -100.png fred  06/Aug/12 01:31:59
When I view multiple images as they appear in the right hand 'Multiple image download window '
I always see on start up a grid of 6 images horizontally by 3 images vertically (18 images per pane view).

On your website there is a screen shot showing a 6 x 6 grid (36 images).
If I expand the pane size the number of images still remains at 6 x 3 images displayed.

I would like to see more images previewed....can this be altered to increase the number
of images dislayed least to your 'screenshot' number or more?

What determines how many are it related to a Flickr setting or some settings
in Flickr Downloader? I mostly download at original size.

Advice appreciated.
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