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What is going on?

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  img-045.png saleen support  15/Sep/17 17:24:51
all is good now.
  833522.png fred  04/Aug/17 18:42:34

No ..still a lot of waiting. Don't get it on other sites. Did you get my 618 feedback as can't view?

Also had a full freeze and had to do a 'pull the plug' as Ctrl Alt Del didn't bring up Task Manager to close.

Lets see if this posts (long waits to get to here).

It does and allows editing ?? .... Will monitor at this end......

Regards Fred

Oops...618 issues are posted on this thread 4 down if you have missed them during the recent forum upsets.

  img-045.png saleen support  04/Aug/17 17:52:09
I think it's OK now.
Will keep monitoring
  img-045.png saleen support  04/Aug/17 16:07:04
I am working on the forums issue. Still monitoring 

  833439.png fred  04/Aug/17 16:01:22

Did nothing new so why it posted finally who knows!! (Could not edit previous post though!!)

  833439.png fred  04/Aug/17 15:56:49

Having issues not being able to view threads so here goes: Let hope it posts!

Having problems with 537 so tried 618 in frustration.
Could not open threads in this forum (waiting for ever and not loading) so decided to
raise new topic. Forum threads not viewable in this version also so maybe look at that..
unable to read your last reply so apologies if you covered items already posted.

Some issues I picked up on 618 which you may not be aware of:
On the 'Download Multiple Media Items' screen the blue text is truncated├┐ (all three somewhat)
"Select:, Select n, and Select Curr.... so maybe allocate a bit more space for the text boxes"
particularly the Select Curr (assuming it is meant to be 'Select Current' (unreadable).

On same screen if I for example am viewing a set of 154 pages the 'Go to'
"box area displays 1>, 2>, 154. If I want to go to any page up to 61 it is easily selectable in the'154'"
goto box but after 61 it only displays 'Go to last page'. So what about pages 62 to 153?
Can't see an easy way to go to say page 134 without a faff incrementing pages 1
at a time. Think this has been an issue for lots of builds prior to 618 and 500 series too.
If I am missing the obvious please advise.

Have a look at clicking on forum threads as this seems to be an issue on this and other
Product forums.. Won't be able to follow this up if necessary if I can't READ IT.

Regard Fred.

  833245.png Fred  03/Aug/17 16:15:57
  img-045.png saleen support  03/Aug/17 07:28:53
Thanks Fred.
So I take it that I will be waiting for feedback on the new build 618.

  833135.png fred  03/Aug/17 07:14:41

Have reluctantly tried build 537 and not impressed....see below.

Will try 600/617 in future but not a fan of Chrome. I assume both versions

will have same feature list??

Now the problems with 536/537.

Both hang the installation process with a 'Downloading cef component' screen

which I HAVE TO EXIT manually after 20 mins which would normally

mean a program has not installed due to the interuption.

However the program appears to be installed and reports the updated build.

Not tried to use it as no confidence in it, hence will not try 617 until you get

back to something stable.

This 'cef' thing has given problems in the past and it seem a once stable program

is going backwards!!

Also your website is very slow to load and had big problem to access this forum (10 mins waiting with rotating circle in the URL box). Needs fixing. Same on Chrome 60 and Internet

Explorer 11 (Win 8.1 64bit) and no problem on other sites with a fast internet connection


Have to say it's getting a frustrating experience this year and would like to revert to the

'old Saleen' if you get my drift. Assuming your issues are solved can we look forward to

more timely responses in the future as last 6 months have definately given the impression

it's not a priority anymore, howerer ill-founded?

Will continue to help when you get the 537 build back to working OK.

Regards as ever.

  img-045.png saleen support  02/Aug/17 16:32:39
Hi Fred,

All is well thanks.

The page WebDownloader page ( )
has two versions
build 535 based on Internet Explore (listed as stable)
and build 617 based on Chrome (listed as prerelease)

Please do me a favor and install "pre-release" on top of 535 and give me some feedback.
If something is not working, simple install 535 on top of 617.

It is very simple and will hopefully give me lots of feedback.

I am using 617 here continuously, with no issues.


Issue with stats is issue with the tool that generates stats. I will need to fix it.
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