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A few more 528 issues

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  img-045.png saleen support  15/Sep/17 17:26:50
hope all these are addressed.
closing, if no please let me know
  778224.png fred  04/Apr/17 06:10:39
bumped back up
  745121.png fred  10/Jan/17 14:33:58

Noticed in the 'Download multiple media items' window the text above the 'Save selected' button overruns the box below when 100 items are selected. Namely text: Total items: 100, New: (100)...the '100' in brackets lies over the 'Save selected' box.

Also what ever number of items are selected for download the 'Save selected=0 remains unchanged. They do however download correctly. 

When items are downloaded the rate of download was in the past uniform in a fixed beat sort of way. Noticed now that individual images appear to freeze as if not downloading and then suddenly the 'yellow' items downloaded jump on by say 10 images at a time with long pauses in between. May not be Webdownloader related but strange all the same. Again all images finally download properly.

Not sure what has gone on recently but a strange number of new bugs have crept in which is not normal.

Hope all this helps.


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